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Vote Elizabeth Colbert Busch For SC Congressional District one March 19 2013

02/07/2013 02:45


On May 7th, the citizens of South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District will have the opportunity to elect their next Representative to the United States Congress. This was due to Governor Nikki Haley’s appointment of former Representative Tim Scott to fill an open seat in the United States Senate.

This resulted in a need for a Special Election in the Lowcountry, with the Democratic Primary to be held on March 19th. Elizabeth Colbert Busch felt compelled to enter the contest as a Democratic Party candidate. She has been a decades-long resident of the area since her family moved to the state in 1969. She brings a wealth of success in business with a track record of bringing high-paying jobs to the region

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04/23/2013 00:38

You’ve shown us who you are, EX-Gov. Sanford, we don’t need another demonstration

  By Sabrina Samone, TMP Politically, TBGL people vary in their beliefs just as any...


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