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The Surveillance state?

11/18/2012 19:47


          I’m a big fan of MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes. On his Nov. 18th 2012  show the topic was about the surveillance state which got me to thinking about big brother. If you’ve never heard the term, Big Brother, I ask you to review the novel or movie of George Orwell’s 1984. Basically  it is about a huge government that spies on the citizens of the country. Interestingly I was alive and well in 1984, though very, very, very young, maybe one too many very, but whose counting. My point is, to me I think there was no sign in 1984 of Big brother. Obviously it’s 2012 now and I can’t honestly say I think the same way. I have friends who can give you the updates on every major conspiracy theory out there and I’ll admit in the moment of watching or talking about them I can get caught up in the moment but if there’s a question.  Do I live my life as if I have proof of half of those conspiracy theories?  I’d have to say no. But I can’t ignore countless people I know  for what seems a conspiracy theory is very real.  They will not under any circumstance have a facebook, twitter or even a myspace account. I’ve been given every reason from- they’re from the devil -to I sneak around too much- don’t want anyone(wife) knowing what I’m up to -to yes they say “Big brother is watching.”

     Now let me also state , I’m a staunch-unashamed and proud liberal.It’s hard not to be when you’re a multiracial-transsexual living in the south. Though I can see some need to be conservative fiscally, my huge portion of liberalism is based mostly in social issues. Now unfortunately I believe that today’s Republican party is not  an answer to either as I’m convinced they are beyond any help now given to their total sell out to big corporation-business and their own personal greed. The tea party is a prime example of that and don’t just brush it off.  If you really research whose behind that emergence it can’t be denied, getting one over on the public, seems to be the primary goal.  Try viewing Alexandria Pelosi’s documentary, friends of God documentary or a great article on the billionaires behind the tea party movement and their alterative motives by Suzie-Q's Truth and Justice Blog. And one can begin to see why the Republican Party is now only the party of the top 1%. I say top, so the misguided folks making less than $200,000 a year and think they are part of the makers that the democratic party wants to take something from, will not for a second be mistaken on whom I’m referring to. The top 1% opposed to the “I may still one day be a one percenter”.

     So if you may have guessed who I voted for in this previous election. Yes there is no doubt I voted for, whom I refer to as the people’s president, President Barack Obama. Let me also state for many reasons I want bother getting into in this particular blog post. But two NOT being that he is black or even simply just because he’s a Democrat. I actually lean more Libertarian because as I said previously, I do see a need for being conservative fiscally but I don’t see the republican party as an answer as I previously stated. The Libertarian party has been very outspoken how much more conservative fiscally they are, than the Republican party, by stating that they will cut spending that the Republican party seems to not want to cut for military and the wealthy.  The difference to me is in those two parties, is one will cut spending for everyone but their big interest groups and the other, the Libertarian, will cut everyone from the federal govt.-the wealthy- the military and no breaks for wall street. In that sense they are more conservative and more justified in my opinion. And though I have no problems with the spending of the Democratic Party, that I feel at least does look out for the 98% of us, it’s their liberal social views that get my attention, and support. It’s the Libertarian party that dares to go even more liberal on lgbt rights even gender role equality-legalizing marijuana and the topic of this post, cutting back on government involvement in personal life. This is why that a discussion after General Petra’s indiscretions have come to light and the role of the FBI in the emails which has lead to the great show today by Chris Hayes’s show Up about a surveillance state,  makes the Libertarian views even more needed in government. If only to bring more of a check and balance of the two parties now that seem to just play us back and forth like a ping pong game. And with a party that has transgender issues even on their tongue and not just as an accent to the gay movement, but the rights of people living their lives as they choose or even how they dress, really spoke to me. Recently former Governor Gary Johnson spoke on issues of transgender issues.  One of his first press releases was about equality within the lgbt community. My only negative with Gary Johnson was that he went more after President Obama, whom I feel, on social issues he has more in common than Mitt Romney and the republican party that has constantly showed no support other than the log cabin republicans, whom the transgender community get no support from and the evidence was even noticed in a boycott protest of the HRC for their support of a version of EDNA, Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The HRC once supporter of all lgbt, now due to the efforts of the gay republican movement of the log cabins’ it’s clearer the T must stand for itself due to the lack of support from the gay right.

      So while I will continue support the Democratic Party and President Obama fiscal and social ideas, if there is a question that government is stepping more and more into our personal lives, I see myself more looking at the Libertarian Party. Most will feel at a national level they have no hope. I’d implore readers of my blog to think locally, since all politics are local, look into the ideas of the libertarian candidates in your local areas. Write and ask them their views and amount of support on transgender issues and I repeat “transgender” issues, which the party has showed an equal amount of support as the gay equality. And if you’re worried about the surveillance of the government take your time to read up on the Libertarian party and views they have shared about privacy long before this previous election, back in the Ron Paul days and next time you go to vote, think, is big brother watching my vote?

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