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T.M.P. is a personal and collabrative blog site of personal information,news, entertainment and empowerment of the trans community.  T.M.P was created to be a combination personal and  community blog. Whether you are female to male, male to female, pre-op or post-op. Transvestite, crossdresser, gender non-conforming you are welcomed here.  Any trans or trans friendly blogger with words of empowerment is welcomed to be a contributor.  I encourage all voices of the trans community to be heard, considered and respected. Readers are encouraged to submit, news, entertainment or personal expierence and advice blogs for others to grow and learn as well.  In time TransMusePlanet will become a searchable body of stories, news in order to inspire and be inspired for many other transgender people.  All Contributors are given the utmost respect, obviously nearly everyone has a blog or website, therefore all measures will be taken to link readers here of your work to your home site or blog.  By Contributing work to TMP you'll also be expanding your audience to your main source page. If requesting contributions from me for your community blog please be able to provide the same link back.


Current Contributors

Olivia Margaret Ontko: Is a co-founder of South Carolina's largest Trans Support groups, C.A.T.S, she one of the patriarchs of the Charleston Metro Trans Community.

Jack Ori: is a life/ motivational coach as well as author of 'Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career'. He has transistioned from female to male. More of his work can be viewed at TheSJAdvocate blog.

Chad Smith is a University student with a Music Major.  He is currently transistioning from female to male and self identifies as a trans-gay male.

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04/23/2013 00:38

You’ve shown us who you are, EX-Gov. Sanford, we don’t need another demonstration

  By Sabrina Samone, TMP Politically, TBGL people vary in their beliefs just as any...


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