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An advice column for transgendered issues for transpeople as well as non-trans friends that would like to ask anything and everything they've ever wanted to know about anything.  All views and opinions are that of Miss SS, a life long trans-female who is trained as a nurse and have served and counciled in the human sexuality field. In life their are no gaurantees of a trophy,don't expect one here. I am blunt, honest  yet understanding, therefore you may not agree with all of the comments and advice given. In that case go give your own advice.

Topic: Ask Mrs. SS

Date: 10/14/2013

By: Nick

Subject: Help Please!

I am a 17 year old male. Starting last year I started to become very attracted to M2F transexuals. At first it was purely sexual and just a fantasy kind of thing. Now after having a year to think about it, I have come to a different conclusion. I actually respect them for everything they had to go through. I am no longer attracted to them because of their genitals or looks, but because of their experience. They were not born in a female's body, but had to work to get there, and I really appreciate that. they do not take their femininity for granted. I love that. Because of this I now know that I would like to be in a relationship with a transexual. I have researched where to meet transexuals, I am at a loss. Many do not go to gay bars because they are not gay. Then there are a bunch of website, but they mainly just have escorts. I am looking for a nice, feminine transexual. Where can you meet them?
Also, I have a second question. As i said earlier the main reason I am attracted to transexuals is because of their personalities. I am slightly in it for the sex too, though. I am not a chaser though. I used to be, but not anymore. I do not consider myself a chaser for this reason: i am attracted to women. I like the way they look, speak, act, and everything else about them, except for one thing. This one thing is their genitals. I just am repulsed by them. I do not know why, but I am. For a short while I thought I was gay, but I like male genitals instead. This is not me though, I am not attracted to males bodies or their personalities. So I basically want a woman with male genitals. I know this is not normal, and some may consider me a chaser, but I am not. I sincerely want a relationship first. I do not want to have sex, instead I want to make love. I want to fall in love with my lady before we become physically intimate. Would a transexual still consider me a chase for this is my question, because if so then I am devastated. They reason why, is transexuals feel like they were born in the wrong body. I feel like I am attracted to something that it not considered good by anybody. If even open transexuals would consider me a chaser, then what should I do?
I am sorry this is so long, but these questions have been eating at me for a long time, and I can't concentrate on anything else.

Date: 05/06/2013


Subject: Beautiful women

Hello, I just wanted to open dialogue and I can really understand and agree with your article about why men love beautiful women. Especially women that take care of themselves in everyway. I am a married straight male with three mistresses and I love gorgeous women of all races no matter what. But what I have noticed is women with different parts and the way the carry themselves. I feel guilty about my desires and its not about something extra but its their beauty. it drives me crazy. So please help me to understand this and remove my guilt.

Date: 04/07/2013

By: Sebastian

Subject: have u noticed ?

i"ve noticed that is a war between the straight people and the gay people but there is another war between t girls they are allways trying to bully eechother instead of trying to be together and stay close why is that ?

Date: 04/08/2013

By: S.S.

Subject: Re: have u noticed ?

Hi Sebastian,

Sadly, yes I've noticed. It's one of the reasons I started Transmuseplanet, to promote unity and to question why, to your very question, thru everything I write.

In a utopian society, those that share a common bond-nationality-gender-relgion etc. woud join hands and sing kumbaya my lord, all day long. Sadly we don't live in that world, but it dosen't mean we need not try.

There is always friction within groups, even all cis-gender people don't get along. But there has been recent efforts within the Trans community to change that and this year seems to be a turning point. The Trans 100, a celebration of the trans community, recently took place in Chicago and all trans people regardless of race, gender, nationality, cultural difference, social economic status or orientatin were rightfully represented. So things are improving.

And intrestingly today, I recieved an email from a reader of Transmuseplanet, that expressed the thanks it has had on her life and love not only herself as trans more but other trans as well. So see, if everyone could just let a little positive light shine onto the world it will come back to shine on you like the sun.

And as a Trans Ally, you can do your part as well. Promote and encourage those girls you come in contact with that are confident in themselves and are uplifting of other trans-women and remind those that feel a need to belittle other trans-women how small that makes them look.


Date: 03/28/2013

By: WJD103173

Subject: LOOKING...!

Are you into BOTTOM bimen with very tight asses that are very horny?

Date: 03/31/2013

By: Dear SS

Subject: Re: LOOKING...!

WJD, transwomen are as diverse as any other woman or person on this planet. While the majority of transpeople feel they are in the wrong body, they're road map to transistion does include changing their genitalia.
Of course there are many transpeople that do decide not to have an srs surgery. There are many along the path of transition find a point to where within transitioning they find comfort in who they are.
As you state, that you are a biman, this also opens many doors for you. Man, Woman and trans people alike can be choosen to have anal sex with.
As a teenage I was a big fan of Dr. Ruth, who was very persistent on expierencing and enjoying anal sex, though some cis and trans people alike don't like this, many do and you should continue to seek out those that are intimate with you already to explore that road of satisfaction,but I advice getting to know someone before such a guestion is brought up.
It does seem you were directing the question to me personally. I'll simply state, I am not here to assist in sexual gratification, only advice,you must go thru the typical channels in life of meeting someone, getting to know their intrest and yes ask , once comfortable, is anal sex something you enjoy with a partner.
As for me, I am one on one type of gal and what I choose to do between me and my partner is strictly between us. But I do hope I have answered your thoughts on anal sex.
Dear SS

Date: 01/21/2013

By: Sayuri

Subject: what is the right reason

For many they know who they are and for the rest of us who are not sure if being Tranny is a right choice... Maybe you can help some of us to decide what to do and how to do it, or how to discover ourselves... is there a solid reason to be a Tranny or it must be something you are born with...

I truly don't know...

Thank you Sabrina.


Date: 01/21/2013

By: Miss SS

Subject: Re: what is the right reason

Thankfully I've chatted with you before on a social network site and know a lil more about your situation. Here you say, "for many they know who they are and for the rest of us who are not sure if being a trans is a right choice", In that statement alone you've said a lot.

I've met all types of transgender people over the years. Some have known since as early as they can remember and acted upon it, refusing at any cost not to be who their soul is telling them to be. Even those who have married, went on to have children and then made the decision to act upon it, even most had always known they felt transgendered. And at a moment in their lives, for whatever reason, decided to act on it and be who they are.

There are some people who enjoy sexual fantasies as the opposite sex but may or not be willing or desire to be the opposite sex. That is a question you will have to spend time to yourself and contemplate. Is it a sexual desire, fetish or fantasy you enjoy or are you totally unhappy at the person you see in the mirror as well as the person others see?

Crossdressing is a category that finds refuge under the umbrella of Transgender. At times many who enjoy cross dressing my confuse their desire to dress or be sexually desired while dressed as the oppostie sex as being transgender, but it's not. While many do start off crossdressing then begin to transition, the reasons are not usually sexually driven.

Since you enjoy dressing and being treated sexually as the opposite sex I'd advise you to continue to explore crossdressing. Have fun with it. If you can't dress everyday for lack of exposing yourself to others, find a place and time weekly to enjoy dressing. There are several online sites that cater to cross dressing apparel, so you don't have to worry about even going out to shop for clothes. Use this time to practice make up tips, and dressing. Find, if you want, someone who appreciates your alternate self to enjoy it with. As time goes by you will either feel comfortable or continue to feel incomplete. If the desire to be the opposite sex is not satisfied by occassionally dressing, find a local support group to discuss your feelings. All this should be taken into consideration before you make the drastic descision to start hormone therapy to be transgender. Most transgender know already in their heart they can not live in the body they were born with and continue to be happy.

Date: 04/02/2013

By: Louise ;)

Subject: Re: Re: what is the right reason

Beautiful response... <3

Date: 01/21/2013

By: Micheal Scott

Subject: Romance

How can I get the beautiful Sabrina to give me the time of day?

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